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About New Day Recovery Family and Youth Service

New Day Recovery Family and Youth Service is a nonprofit organization that provides quality service to at-risk youth currently in OJA and DHS custody, the adults in their lives and members of the surrounding community.  Our counseling program is compatible with and designed to meet individual Behavior Health Modalities and Concepts of Personality both supported by the sound and researched-based experimental scientific psychology data.

We are committed to providing a caring, proactive, and supportive environment that encourages and reinforces a balanced team delivery system.  New Day offers the opportunity for individual, family, and community wellness by fostering hope, encouraging change, and nurturing partnerships.

New Day recognizes that each person is an important and unique individual who deserves high-quality behavioral care regardless of his or her specific circumstances and situations in life.  We have a proven track record with regard to a sustained history of exemplary performance, a driving work ethic, and a client-care system devoted to quality improvements to system-based programs and services.