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Interactive Play Therapy

Throughout our lives, we as children go through difficult times, such as the divorce of parents, losing a favorite pet or toy, trouble making friends, or adjusting to changes at school or home.  Some children need more help than others to get through these difficult periods of need. 

As a child, we can develop early on a skill set that can assist us in the continued development of making good choices.  One way is Play Therapy.  Play therapy is to children what counseling is to adults.  Play therapy is not the same thing as playing.  Play therapy makes use of what children like to do most, which is play.  It allows and uses the child’s natural tendency to “play out” their reactions to life situations. This is the child’s natural medium of expression, a way of communicating on their level.  Play therapy helps them express their feelings more easily through toys instead of words. 

Children may not have the vocabulary or the knowledge to convey what is bothering them. 

The toys are chosen carefully for the play therapy room to bring about creative and emotional expressions from children. 

The types of toys used during play therapy vary in many ways and therefore allow for spontaneous decision-making in children. 

They are also very durable and sturdy to allow for repeated use and rough play. 

The ultimate goal is to help the child feel accepted and understood and gain a sense of control or understanding of difficult situations allowing him or her to grow to their utmost productive potential and subsequently carry on with the same joy and vigor throughout their lifetime.