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Parenting Skills

Believing parents make a profound impact on the next generation, New Day promotes the interventions and strategies to develop, strengthen and promote healthy parenting skills. To allow the cultivation of pro-social behavior and to stimulate their families in their emotional, psychological roles intellectual and social growth, New Day Recovery uses the Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) techniques. 

Recognizing the need for stronger and healthier families in our community, this program teaches: understanding behavior, understanding more about the child and your role as the parent, building self-esteem/confidence in yourself as well as your child, how to listen, communication-speaker/listener technique, developing sense of responsibility for your actions as a parent or child, natural and logical consequences to behavior i.e. I love you but your behavior is not appropriate, family meeting, and developing and using your potential.

This program will challenge not only the child but the entire family system, helping the child to live to his/her fullest potential.